Wednesday, 26 October 2011


Economy, Whiners, and Getting Serious.

Oh here we go again, another blog.  Response has been great, many people asking for more.  So we will continue.  Shout out to my readers in Slovakia, Sweden, and Ireland.  Yeah this internet thing is global.  So here we are more lessons from John coming at you.  Remember Blog#A when I explained my serious dislike for whiners and pansies in this sport of running? If not go back and read it.  Keep that there in your mind we will circle back to it here today.  Do you know what sucks? The state of the American economy, do you know why that sucks, it hurts our Canadian economy! See where this is going? Hold on, whiners and pansies, oh and the American dream-More is better, bigger, faster, more more, more.  Dont get me wrong, I am all for having a dream and achieving big things, but not all things can be measured by the almighty $$.  Why do you need a 5000sq.ft spec home when a 900sq.ft one would do? Three SUV’s and a boat, and parties for your kids 12th birthday that cost thousands. Rediculous overspending! Be happy with less!  I am not saying don’t have nice things, but seriously people less is sometimes more.  More money spent does not equal more happiness.  Everyone doesn’t have to be a middle management-six figure earner.  You can live a happy life on $60,000 a year.   But no, we will overspend, max out credit cards, and then when it comes down to doing some hard work, wait for it, wait, wait, here we go, we want to be a bunch of whiners and pansies and claim to be too good to swing a hammer or put a car together.  And don’t even think about going on strike to ask for more money and less hours, suck it up, maybe cut out a few drive-thru meals and an SUV and be happy with what you have.  If I owned an auto maker and had a bunch of people that didn’t want to work for what I could afford to pay them, sure as can be, I’m packing up my auto plant and moving it somewhere where the people will get down to work and be grateful for it.  I read a great quote the other day that said something to the effect of “the US economy will never be stable until we learn to stop over spending and be satisfied with what we have.”For some reason here Im taken back to last March on My drive home from Texas in the Truck-of-Dreams with my good friend and Former teammate at Fanshawe Josh Ackworth. We were talking about my new training and future plans and Josh asks me “but what are you going to do about the Kenyans”  I proceeded to explain how People of the western world have just been a bunch of pansies and not wanted to get down to work. I told him that the guys are getting there and that you need to actually work hard to get there. There is no easy way, it’s just going to take some hard work. Oh did that catch you off guard-Yes I was driving from Texas in my truck of dreams we might get to those beauty stories another day! But yeah there is no easy way folks.  Hey did you hear about the 100 yeah that tore up the STWM yeah and then did you read his quote after? Boom here you go, he said something about “has anything worth doing ever been easy?” This dude is one hundred and he has the stones to get after a World record.  I’m sad to be a part of a generation of people that have little drive, they all just want the next hand out and the easy pay cheque.  Grrr.  Kids today “shake fists”.  Here we go kids if you have been reading this over and going blah blah blah economy, blah, whiners blah, Wake up and pay attention.  YOU NEED TO GET FIRED UP! Make the most of whatever it is you want to do with your life! Here is a shocker, you might have to actually get a job someday and do real work(I don’t consider sitting at your computer making youtube videos of yourself a legitimate business).  So here is the deal , start making the most of whatever you want to do, If you want to be a garbage-man, be the best god damn garbage man, Doctor- be the best damn doctor, Sister-Student-Athlete-Musician-Concrete Truck Driver-whatever, go ahead and do it, but do it with all your heart! No more of this “meh maybe tomorrow-bullshit attitude”, do something about it!  I learned a lot from Reid and Gillis during the STWM build up, know why these guys are the best? They take care of every detail, Fueling, stretching, drills, nutrition, goals etc. They have it nailed. These guys have emerced themselves in being the best they can be.  Some days I can’t even tell you what I am doing the next day, and when Eric and Reid were asked what day the marathon will take place at the Olympics, without a stutter or a second to pause and think they both Rolled August 12 off the tongue as if it were their own name.  I realized something then and there. These guys are on top of everything!  So yeah we have been over a lot here today folks so to recap- be happy, be satisfied, make to most of what you have and don’t be afraid of a little work. There are no handouts in life! If you want it go get it, with all your heart and every soul of your body, and stop maxing out your damn credit cards!     
Oh yeah I mentioned the Truck-of-Dreams and a drive home from Texas, another day fair internet, another day!

When in Rome


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