Saturday, 7 April 2012


Stubborn or Stupid?

Well folks it happened, I got cut from Reid Coolsaets  blog roll ( The little buggar didn’t even give me a final warning.   He has some pretty high standards apparently and seems to be a bit of a blog nazi.  “No blog roll for you” I suggest everyone of the internet boycott Reid’s blog for a month!

Yet I forge on! You see Im a stubborn son of a..

So I was cutting and splitting firewood today. You know real manly stuff.  There was a huge Oak tree on the farm that blew down in a storm a few weeks ago.  This  afternoon was lovely  sun shining ax swinging-chainsaw good fun.  So this tree was old, really old, there were some blocks from the base over 38 inches across.   These blocks are hard as hell and the kind of blocks one would usually split with a hydraulic log splitter.  Yet Im a stubborn son of a... So I decide to take on these feats of strength with the ax.  Now hold onto your hats folks this is where this blog is going to stray from my usual content...
You see I didn’t even believe it myself when I started to think like was deep meaningful thought-Rob Jackson type thought, thought that doesn’t usually come across a mans-man anchorman quoting humour man such as myself. Yet my mind went there.  So I begin to think that these massive blocks of oak are like running.  Yeah this is deep.  So these blocks of wood are like running, they are old, they are hard as shit, and not easily defeated.  And here I am with an ax, I could easily take the easy high road and get the log splitter, but no, Im a stubborn son of a... So I keep swinging and hitting and swinging and slowly but surely I have a pile of split firewood. Heck yes kids I split that wood like a man.  Much like running my stubborn son of a.. attitude kept me bashing away when others would deem it silly.

So yeah Im stubborn, all my life if someone said it couldn’t be done Id try to do it, and right now running is one of those damn things that Im going to be stubborn about.  Im going to be that ax and slowly but surely smash the heck out of running.  Im excited for the summer, I am hitting up the track with big plans to run fast, were going to rip up a bunch of 5k’s and possibly a 10k.  I have only run on the track twice since high school, but this spring Im pumped to get back there.  The kids at speed river have been handing me my ass in workouts, theyre speedy little bastards.  To quote Stevo “Ive got wheels”  as he blew by in a 300 the other night.  I also am very new to this serious track thing, You see when I run I put on regular training shoes and go run. To me it doesn’t matter if Im on the track or the trails or the road.  These kids these days all like to throw on the flats or spikes and really get after these track workouts.  Im sure there has to be some sort of training benefit from it but it doesn’t make a lot of sense to me.  You see I like to keep my flats and my spikes and my singlet special. So when I slip those featherweight gifts from the running gods on I know it’s go time.  In my head wearing spikes or flats for a workout would be like wearing a condom to masturbate! Who does that?  You need to save the flats and spikes for the big show-the big dance if you will. So when you slip them on youre ready to rock it!
I have so much to learn!

So since the last blog let’s see:
-I went to Agribition to fit show cattle for Huberdale Shorthorns- yeah theyre a big deal
-My truck was stolen
-I got a new truck
-I went to NWSS in Denver
-I went on a weekend mission
-Went back to Texas for Oysterfest/Houston Stock show , Saw Enrique Iglesias  you know good fun
-Drove Sean Tilden back to Jasper
-And amongst all that ran and worked enough to pay the bills and survive.
Who noticed that there was never a Blog #E? Yeah thats right non of you. Tisk Tisk.
Any way I will try to keep this blog thing up and going a bit more.  Earn my way back on Reid’s “chosen“ list.  Seeing from the statistics 200+ people a month have read this blog since November!   Crazyness!  
So to summarize:
Do what makes you happy kids, be happy, be stubborn even when others think its stupid!
Wearing spikes for track workouts is like wearing condoms to masturbate? I have so much to learn about the track game!
Ive had many great adventures so I have many great stories to share again on here!

“Sometimes you just have to look yourself in the mirror and say ‘when in rome’”

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