Thursday, 10 May 2012


Boogity Boogity its time to shake ‘n bake

Ladies and gents its time again.  Going to get down on the track on Saturday night and race a 10k.  The 10000 is the Daytona 500 of track running.  The 100 is like drag racing all supped up cars and by the time it’s started it’s over.  The 10000 is the long haul, steam from the natural “stock cars” of distance running. The 10k is made for rednecks lots of time to take in a few pops and corndogs and soak in all the action.  Much like nascar theres a lot of laps 25 of them to be exact.  Lots of laps of not a lot going on, there will be some drafting, bumping, passing on the inside, swinging high through the turn to make a break. Awesome action. If youre really lucky you might get to see some blow ups and crashes. A few blown tires if you will.  Hopefully for me I will avoid pitstops on my trek to a good one.   So yeah folks if you are not up to anything get your coolers and snacks and get on out to TD Waterhouse Stadium on Saturday night.  It will for sure e some exciting action, and if you are lucky Paul Roberts will even be on the horn giving colour commentary. 

Ok who am I kidding I don’t really enjoy Nascar, but come on out to TD on Saturday and check out the races it should be pretty exciting stuff.  And once its all done were going to head out to a fine establishment in London to enjoy a few cold ones, it will be grand.  I am pumped!  Since that 5k a couple weeks ago the confidence has come back and workouts have been going really well.  Grip it and rip it is the plan. Cant wait

So  this is what I did the last 3 days...

Built that nice little deck for a friend of my good buddy Josh Lumani.  It turned out great! I was really happy with it, I am sure those boys will have some great summer nights out there.  I like building decks, they really seem to add to a home, and lucky for me I have another couple lined up for the summer! There was however a bit of a casualty, a stray finish nail from my nail gun managed to find my finger, right on the side of the first fingers knuckle. It hurts a bit, ok it hurts a lot.  Tonight it’s kind of swollen and bruised looking.  Ohwell, could be worse, could have been like that time I almost lost all my manly business to a drill!

So yeah, last summer I was putting a railing on a deck.  One of those fancy black metal spindled railings.  I was drilling all the holes for the spindles to sit in, and since there were so many holes I was using my Mixing drill.  You see a mixing drill is designed for high torque drilling and mixing , it does not have as high of rpm as some other drills but has more power.  It was ideal for the task of drill many holes as it would not suffer from the wear and tear.  Anyway back to drilling all of these holes,  So here I am drilling holes(the next bit happens in a matter of 2 seconds) and as I lift the drill out of a hole to clean it out some how the 2x4 rail wobbles and as I reach to grab it the drill bit somehow grabs my shorts. I mean grabs my shorts about an inch to the left of my manly parts.  And so this high speed high power drill with a new razor sharp forsner bit grabs my shorts and spins and spins up a big mess.  It hurts folks. Hurts really bad. It feels like it has been buried into my leg. Oh heck, so I try to pull and it hurts more, I think that the drill is so tangled up in my shorts and flesh that I can not pull it out.  So I do what any man would do , I switched the drill into reverse and spun it out of my leg.  I immediately fire my hand onto the spot thinking I will have a ¾ inch hole in my leg and that this is going to get messy.  To my suprise there is no blood.  I look again, no blood.  Turns out the shorts and boxer shorts I was wear filled up the cutter head of the drill bit.  The spinning cloth filled bit just gave me basically the worlds worst purple nurple!   It was sore and gross as heck.  One of the fancy multi colour bruises! I took a pic but you really don’t want to see it!  Any way so yeah be careful out there folks it is a wild world we live in.

In other news, my beard is still in full force! BEARD POWER!  I am growing quite attached to it.  I don’t know if or when it will ever go.  It seems to be a love-hate for the beard.  People are either huge fans or are completely disgusted.  Like the child the other night when I was doing my workout on the track in Guelph by myself.  This girl was playing in the park adjacent to the track, the saw me pointed and yelled “ewww disgusting, mom look at this”   Ohwell, what did you do today little girl, go to school? Whats that going to get you? I have a beard, I build stuff, and now Im busting my balls on the track, deal with it.

So yeah I learned a wise lesson when I was very young and realized I was not going to make it in life on my looks.  A quality Canadian TV star always said, “if the women don’t find you handsome, they should at least find you handy” so I took a good long look in the mirror and decided I better get damn handy and fast.  And here we are.

Taker easy folks, get out to the track on Saturday night and cause a ruckus during the 10k. It should be a beauty weekend here, get out there and enjoy it, drink it in, it always goes down smooth!

Peace and blessings


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  1. Look at that deck! Craftsmanship at its finest. The boys and I are gonna grill some stuff up and will be having a few wobbly-pops on that sucker today. Oh and I'll be causing a ruckus on Saturday! Cheers to a huge PB!