Sunday, 13 May 2012


The 10000 on the track is like trying to pick up girls at the bar,  When youre a man like me it frickin’ hard!

So last night I got down in the 10000m Ontario Championships down in London.  As I mentioned in the previous blog it was going to go down like a Nascar race and if all things went well there would be no blow ups or explosions!  Well if you tuned in last night you would have gotten to see a very entertaining exciting blow up of all explosions.  If you were not there you can watch the video here :

So here’s what I had in mind going down there..If I run smart I think a 31.20 or perhaps quicker was in the cards.  All I had to do was run smart. Smart would have meant running even paced so I was hoping to hit 73-74s laps.  It looked like there was a big group hoping to run in that 31 minute range. Lets get into it.

So heres how the evening goes from how I see it in my mind.  Warmup went well, I was feeling fresh and excited to go. The ponies were ready to rip it up and I had to reign them in on the warmup.  So were on the line gun goes off and I tuck into the group.  We it was a good little pack and we were moving but about a second per lap slower than I had in mind.  So I hang in the pack for about 6 laps and then I felt I needed to start to move a bit faster if I wanted to run 31 low.  I start clipping along and was feeling really good and smooth and then my boy Rob Watson is there screaming at me and he says that Sami Jabril and Kyle Dekker are coming back to me . So the first time I hear d this I said to myself “that Rob he’s so crazy I am not going to catch those guys theyre 150m ahead of me, silly Rob”.  So I keep moving along and then 400m later I notice that Dekker is only 125m ahead and as I work my way through the laps I am starting to close in on him.   At this point I was telling myself holy hell Dekker is a champ, am I legit?  You see back in high school Cory Currie and Kyle  Dekker used to hand me my ass on a paper plate on the track so I was freakin pumped to be closing on this guy.  As quickly as my glory came it faded.  If we had been racing 7600m last night I might have won the damn thing. But we weren’t we were racing 10k and with 6 laps to go all hell broke loose.  My arms got heavy as ever, I was throwing them trying to keep it rolling then one guy goes by me then another and then another, the last 800 I don’t really recall alot. Rob said my eyes were closed and I was just swimming.  Damn that hurt.  Finished up in 31.41. Ouch. 

I am just Ok with last nights race.  I wanted to go quicker but I also have little experience racing on the track and the 10000 is a long one.  That was my 4th track race in 7 years so I am trying to gain experience and learn every time out.   Heres what I learned last night,  the 10000m is like trying to pick up girls at the bar.  First you need to be patient, even if it seems a bit slow at the start you need to stick it out, it has to pick up.  The next thing you need to know is if an opportunity comes along early you need to stay calm.  Dont go getting yourself all excited.  If you get too fired up too early you, go and get yourself all aroused, something is going to blow, and when it does its game over, you cant come back from that tonight. So be calm be cool and then when the nights getting late and you can see the finish in sight, let it all hangout  go for it with all you have.   Yeah folks I realize I raced that 10k like a 16 year old at prom.  Lessons learned.   On the bright side Kyle Dekker used to beat me by that much in a 1500m in high school.   Beard Power!

Thanks to my cheering crew that all came out last night Clint, Lumani, Ashley, Loney, Coleshill, Deboer, a whole bunch of good old Fanshawe College folks, The London running community in general that was cheering for me, and Rob Watson,  man I love that guy, he was all over yelling at me and getting me all fired up.   Everybody that came out y’all are great.  Also I sincerely apologize to the man doing to lap counter, with about 4 laps to go I spit and it hit him in the leg, the next time I came around I noticed my big foamy spit on his pants, Sorry man.

Heres a few pictures that a Local Distance Running Legend Jimmy Burrows took last night, Thanks Jim

I was feeling so good here, farmers tan is coming in nicely too I see.

On the pain train, eyes closed starting to swim!

The legs felt pretty good this morning but as today has progressed they have slowly gotten heavier.  A mile into my long run this afternoon I was going to turn around and go home, Mail it in, screw it, but I rolled on.  Calling 13 miles a long run today.  Get back  into the groove of training and get fired up for the 401 series to start up and take another crack at the 5k. I figure a 5k should feel pretty short now, and if I can mature a little bit and keep my arousal level controlled we just might be able to pick up and run another good one.

Taker easy folks, Summers coming, life is good


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