Wednesday, 10 October 2012

Blog # O

First we were just making laundry, now we’re making progress!

So hey there folks thought I would get back on this blog thing here.  I realize our trust bond might have been shaken as it has been since the 4th of July since my last post.  But better late than never I guess.  So were here now lets blog.

So where have I been all this time?  Well I have been here, there really has just been nothing worth telling you about to be quite honest.  Lets recap the situation, so I had that stress fracture in my shin. I am going to go with I hope I never ever break a bone in my body because holy hell folks at the height of this stress fracture it hurt like no tomorrow. Wowser.  So that took 6 weeks.  I had a couple weeks of down time and then tried biking. Biking is fun....when your seven and you build a ramp out of some scrap wood and ride off the front porch.  Biking is also fun when you tour around and enjoy the scenery.  Biking to try to salvage running fitness, sucks, sucks like a V8 shop vac.  I hated it.  I was then allowed to start running again and slowly build things back up.  I was smart, shocking I know. But I took my time, stuck to the grass, slowly building the mileage back up.  Then September came around and it was time to try a workout.  So back to the River I go,  you see it’s also rookie time and all these kids are keyed up and want to show coach that they are fit.  Sweet grandmothers spatula those kids hammered me.  Blow to my already bruised ego.  September consisted of a lot of inconsistency.  I had a lot of rough workouts, I had a few decent workouts where I got slight glimpses of light at the end of the tunnel.   Then I raced the Fanshawe Cross Country 8k.  We strung together a team of rag tag alumni and entered a team.  It went over like a lead balloon.  Not what I had expected or wanted.  I was rolling pretty well, then apparently my  balls became introverted and I ran like a bit of a pussy.   That was a low.

So from the highest of highs to the lowest of lows.  After the summer track season I had I was at an all time high, I had Pb’d at every distance I had raced, I had some confidence. I was rolling.  After that Fanshawe race I felt like a scrub.  Not a good place.  After the summer I was on the peak of my mountain of running and this injury had me slipping over the edge and I was barely hanging on.   And I guess there comes a time in all athletes lives where you fall off the edge and you don’t come back, that turning point, the point of no return.  Fanshawes race was almost that point.   I was saying all the running clichés you here “oh Im coming back”  “that was a good rust buster, got the feeling I needed”  but back in the mind there were doubts.  That mind it’s a powerful weapon, best if you don’t listen to your mind folks.  Anyway lucky for me I didn’t slip I pulled back up.  I am getting my footing again.  The week fallowing that race the workouts went great, that set me up great for the Run for the Toad 25k trail race.  Run for the Toad is one of Canadas Largest best know trail races. It is a course of pure sin and evil, you are forever going up and down steep hills, around corners and switchbacks.  It was awesome.  I took a beauty tumble with 500m to go that sucked but other than that is was a great race.  Confidence boost, since the Toad Ive got my balls back again, Im feeling better and stronger by the day.  Onward and Upward my friends.   So yeah, suck on that mind and injury trying to get me down.    Lesson for life folks, if you want it go get it, don’t sit and wait and don’t give up.

On a non running related topic, I was joking with my boy Josh Lumani on the twitter last night.  We were busting each others chops as usual. You see Josh comes from a good family, wait good is an understatement..these folks are beauties.  His sister is a gem, shes doing big things in the world bringing water to the folks in Kenya so they don’t have to drink out of those awful swill holes of disease.  Check out her good work here -> Josh’s  mom is also a sweet heart, always being all nice and kind asking how Im doing and such, telling me not to get tattoos and such like moms do, she also makes one hell of a banana bread.  And Josh is just a great dude, hard working runner with a similar mind set work ethic sense of humour as me.  So I tell him that I am going to either marry his sister or become his moms pool boy so we can hang out more.  Josh was not impressed.  His sister thought it was great idea seeing as Mom Lumani doesn’t have a pool.  So I tell sister Abbie that if we get married that I would suit up and maybe even pay for a haircut.  That lead me to think that I have not paid for a hair cut in over 4 years.  The last haircut I payed for was before Dean and Erin Sayles wedding that I was in.  4 years ago was also the last time I had any females seriously interested in me.  Coincidence? I think not. 

So now that we are talking about hair I should add that I have been growing a mustache for the past 2 and a half weeks.  Rob Jackson has been growing a stache since last movember and it has been noticeable the past few weeks and The Markus Vollmer has a great stache again and I was inspired.  I have now taken it upon myself to change the outlook of mens upper lip hair.  All I have heard is “getting started for Movember?” No duh, I grew a stache in a week why would I need to  prep for Movember  or the “pedafile jokes” about mustaches.  Cant a man have a mustache? Without strange looks and disrespectful comments.  Common people.

Where now,  heres another link -> my man Nathan Stirk is a true beauty to the core.  We always showed cattle against each other growing up and were cordial but never really got to know each other.  Until this year in Denver at the National Western Stock Show.  For the safety of mankind and sanity of the females of the world its for the best ol’ Roy and I don’t get out together very often.  Turns out when we are hanging out in Denver that we are Best friends, were basically the same people. Hard working athletic cattleman with careers that prevent us from showing cattle full time.  Stirk is a fierce squash player, and a chivalrous gentleman.  Ladies take note.  His blog is about crops.  I really suck at crops, I know cows, Roy knows Crops and cows, so read his blog and learn about crops like I have. 

Umm yeah so thats about it folks.  Oh yeah getting ready to rip up the Vic Matthews XC meet in Guelph on Saturday.  Hopefully crush the hopes and dreams of some university kids.  I will try and blog again in the next couple days to hype up the Guelph showdown...

Until then, stay classy


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