Thursday, 25 October 2012

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Like Pirates of the Penzance....

So the other night in Guelph they held a little info session called “Lessons from London” it was a little session discussing the things learned qualifying athletes to London and athletes attempt to qualify.  It started with this movie...

So I try to be a real manly man.  I am all about working hard, toughness, beer, beards, mustaches, women, real manly stuff.  So when I sat down and they played that damn video, I am not going to lie folks, I thought I was going to cry.  Shit I love Milne and seeing that again was just heart breaking.  Milnes a great dude, love him to death.  So the first time I ever went to run up at Speed River DST introduced me to the group and told everyone to say hi and we headed out on a warm-up. Everyone grouped up and started chatting and took off, Milne waits for me and introduces himself “hi I’m Taylor”  (In my head I’m like no shit, I don’t live under a rock I know who Taylor Milne is) Any way Milne and I really hit it off over time.  We both are men that pride ourselves on toughness; we both have twisted senses of humour and never avoid that offside joke.  Milnes a great dude a super talented stud with a big heart.  He has run times faster than my PB’s, in workouts. Yet for some strange reason Milne believes in me, he motivates me he wants me to succeed when he could really not give a shit.  Funny story about Milne, we were once at a pool party and he looks over at me and says “Mason you have the second best body at Speed River” I sarcastically say “second best? Who’s better” and Milne comes back with “Me duh!”   So anyway, last summer was a tough one on my friend Milne and seeing it again hurt me in the heart.  See ladies I am not just that rough manly exterior there is a little heart in there somewhere.  You’re the best Milne thanks brother. 
So I was trying to drum up some good stories for you folks so I started to scan through some pictures on my computer.   One of the first things I see is this. 

So here’s where this story goes.  The group we have here are the guys in my program at college that I hung out with all the time.  From left to right we have Eric, he was from Tilsonburg.  I called him T-burg.  Then we had Darryl, he’s Dutch,  I didn’t like Darryl but Darryl liked Chris I’m pretty sure so that’s why he was in the group, I called Darryl Darrin because that made him mad and we’d all laugh.  Then we have Andrew Driver, Driver for short, a mathematical genius.  I blame Driver for my late graduation.  You see I had started at Fanshawe in a different program, and then switched to Construction Engineering.  Driver had done the same thing.  When it came time where we had to select General Arts credit courses Driver told me he had already taken one and since I had been in another program too that I wouldn’t have to take one either.  Horribly wrong Driver.  This led me to having to take an online distance ed. Class –Myths and Legends, not my cup of tea.  But that’s another story for another day.  Then there is yours truly, and finally Chris Peer, also went with the simple nickname of Peer.  From the Soo a heck of a good guy, sadly I don’t think he realized how much Darrin whoops Darryl liked him.  Anyway, so back to that picture, so one weekend Chris and Driver and T-burg are at a party and one of Chris’s roommates Mike gets pretty drunk.  Monday rolls around and we figure out this plan for Driver to text him pretending to be a lovely girl named Becca that Mike met but won’t remember.  So we start texting Mike and pretending to have a big crush on him, and this goes on and on, we then are setting up fake facebook and MSN messenger accounts in Becca’s name to make her seem more realistic. Does anyone even use MSN anymore? Anyway stay focused here.  This was a scam of all scams.   We let this go on for a couple weeks and set up a big date for April 1st.  Where we take this picture and send it to dear Mike.  Hahahah it was glorious.  Mike took it well and we all had a good laugh. 

So let’s get to the meat of the potato with my running, so things have been clicking quite well lately.  Since that whole shoe debacle.  Mileage is up, workouts have been jamming well.  I think I am getting what they call “fit.”  So Sunday we will be hitting up a 10k in London.  The Halloween haunt 10k, I am excited to get down there and roll.  Runners Choice always puts on good events so it should be great.  I have been trying to be more elite in my execution of my running as of late.  Blasting the core to get that beach body back, hitting up the recovery in the ice bath every night so far this week doing the little things well.  We will see what comes of Sunday. 

Shout out to the Fanshawe Boys that won a 4th consecutive Ontario College championship on Saturday.  First of that four was back in my era.  Also congrats to the lady Falcons on a strong showing in a rebuilding year! While maintaining best looking team in the CCAA.  The college running scene is getting better every year deeper fields with better runners at the front end.  Good work folks!

Noticing those boots I mentioned last blog more and more. They might be the yoga pant of footwear. Just saying.

I also notice there is a new magnet on the refrigerator.  One of my fine roommates must have picked it up.  It says “To Be or Not to Be” Gets me thinking every time I see it.  I have decided that I want –To be.  So it’s time to make the most of it.   

And like the Pirates of the Penzance, I am not really a pirate I’m just a good guy gone bad!


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