Sunday, 28 October 2012

Blog #S

I’m back baby...

Ok so I went down to jolly old London town this morning for a 10k.  I was pretty pumped for this race as workouts/mileage/life had all been going quite well lately.  I didn’t really have a clue what to expect from the race but, when talking with Nick on Friday I was game to get after sub 31.30.  Lucky for us the rain held off,  Springbank Park down there in London must be some sort of parallel Universe or vortex or something.  The wind seemed to be hitting us in every direction.  So things went out very strong with Nick, Dekker and I rolling through 5k.  I thought that Brent Wow Smith had fallen off at about 3k.  There were so many lead changes, so many times I thought I was out and just kept sticking my nose in it.  Dekker made a move at 6k and I thought we had dropped Sunseri and that it was just him and me left. At 7k I felt him fall of just a step and I tried to put my foot down and make a gap.  And then Whammy Nick rolls by and on his ass is B-Wow.  I was rattled, I thought Smith was out 5k ago, but like the Duke of Plaza Toro he was leading from behind.   So Sunseri and B-Wow make a move and I missed hitching my wagon to them.  They gapped me by 10-15s quick and then I woke up and could never get back in it.  I was super pumped to Pb by 15seconds.  Sunseri Pb’d and I think we can say that was a break through run for B-wow.  Really happy with the effort. Have to thank all the boys for the lead changes the surges that went on to get me that PB today. High Fives all around. 

So on to the next one... not sure what that’s going to be.  I love cross country and I have only been getting stronger lately.  The ideas of National Cross Country Championships in Vancouver have been rolling around in my brain.  Sadly Vancouver is a very far way away, and it’s an expensive city I am told.  I have been offered a couple of couches, and was also offered a room at a house by a lovely young lady and her mother the other night.  But my butchering of a joke and line about babies ruining your life has probably rendered that offer void.  In my defence everyone was asking questions and I got rattled and lost the punch line.  And I didn’t mean babies ruin your life it just came out the wrong way.  Live and learn.  Any way we will see what comes next.

So what should we talk about tonight...Pat Robitaille?  You know him? Me neither. Heck I am not even sure how to say his name, I am guessing it sounds like “Row-bi-tai” and that the “le” are just for show or maybe it’s  “Ro-bi-tail” Help me out Pat!.    Well I kind of know him.  As far as my sober mind will recall I do not think I have ever met Pat Robitaille.  Pat if we have met and I forget now I feel like an ass.  Anyway, Pat is a heck of a guy; he is the number one fan of my blog here.   Also a big follower of mine on the twitter.  So all I really know about Pat is from what he has posted on twitter.  One he has a good sense of humour. He has a couple of kids two or three I believe.  Seems to be a heck of a dad, from a picture he posted one day on the twitter, he was doing some NASA training with the boys in their car seats.  So he’s got them strapped in and laying on their backs (as if blasting off into outer space) I thought it was hilarious.  It also was probably a cheap babysitter I figured so Pat could get some work done.  Good thinking Pat!  Pat also seems to enjoy a quality brew.  Someday I hope to buy Pat a beer.  Pat is also a huge running fan.  Always sending well wishes to runners across the twitterspace.  You’re a heck of a guy Pat Robitaille. Keep up the good work!

Not sure what else to tell you here folks. Oh huge shout out to Donna Lumani she is a gem.  She is the mother of my good friend Josh Lumani.  I think I mentioned her back a couple blogs ago.  Yeah she’s a gem.  Showed up to watch me race today, with her special banana bread.  Yeah best banana bread ever had by man, no need for butter.  This bread is so moist you could eat it with a straw. Ok not really but it is amazing.  I told myself I better run fast if Donna Lumani was coming to watch.   I figured Donna Lumani was going to tell me to shave my awful mustache and get my life together! But she was just all pep and smiles and banana bread!  Poor Josh gets a bit rattled that his Mom and sister talk to me, I don’t see why. 

My uncle from Winnipeg is here this week.  He attempted to carve a pumpkin in my honour.  It was supposed to be a runner.  I will not post a picture to save the internet evidence.  It was a good effort Jeffrey, but don’t quit your day job.  But Jeff’s another good guy. We both have a strange sense of humour so it has been a good couple of days. 

Dream big kids,

I had something profound to finish this blog with but I have forgotten it.

Oh well. 

Oh hey there is a lack of comments on this here blog, I don’t bite folks, if you have any questions, troubles you want help with, something you would like me to talk about here on this blog, drop me a line, we will see what we can do!



  1. Hello John, ,
    Yep like your good blog there says, we haven't met; sober or otherwise. Clearly, i'm not good at recognizing faces from photos as after the meeting with Mr. Moulton, I didn't think i was the type to get star-struck.

    Anyway, yep I'm a fan of running, xc running, Guelph xc & T.F.. I met my lovely lady in Guelph, was married there, wedding photos in the Arb. & our reception at Creelman Hall. I'm not, however, a Guelph Alumni...I went to a school further down the road. My brother was the UoG student. He got me in the door of many Guelph parties. He is a a good brother and I owe him many thanks, especially for getting me into College Royal to meet my lovely lady.

    So, hope you're good, hope to meet you for real, and buy you some brews. PR