Friday, 12 October 2012

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Lets get ready to RRRRRRRummmmmmble!

So tomorrow is the Vic Matthews Cross Country Race in Guelph! It’s more than likely going to be the most competitive cross country race in Canada this year.  It will also play host to the Guelph City Cross Country Championship, pitting the Guelph Gryphon Men against the Gryphon Alumni against the Speed River Men to see who reigns sumpreme.  It’s going to be a battle. There will be blood shed! So lets break it down, because it’s going to be tight


Enough has been said about these Boys, the entire team is fit, best team in the CIS, everyone knows it!  But thats it they are boys! And there are a lot of men in this race! How ballsy are these young lads? We will see, we will see!

Gryphon Alumni

Allan “Ugly Face” Brett- a true xc  grit runner, now ready to flex his alumni muscle!  Allan started the banter about this battle in the summer and his entire season, possibly life goals revolve around tomorrow outcome! If he gets into it and works that ugly face grit on watchout. How bad does he want it? He got a high efficiency hair,  He wants the first place team T-shirt more than any CIS team title or All Canadian plaque he has.  Watch out for that right arm flailing up that final hill ugly face in tow.  

Kyle “pretty boy” Boorsma- Kyle never gets the Brett “ugly face” hes always sporting and childish grin on his baby face.  Hes been rolling hard this fall, so hard I noticed he was sporting and new pair of trainers tonight, so hard that the last ones just blew up mid workout!  Hes been working up a nasty mustache, lets hope that hasn’t left him fatigued.  Contender here!

Derek “ape man” Snider-the working class hero of the alumni,  all we have to go on are rumours and speculations! He has probably been biking and climbing and running and such to the extreme.  A dark horse for the team. A scary dark horse!

Alex “technically not alumni” Genest – we had a debate tonight as to whether or not Alex is eligible to compete as an alumni as he is still a student at Guelph.  But as my google search has found the definition of alumni is -> plural of a·lum·nus

A graduate or former student, esp. male, of a particular school, college, or university.
 So I guess our protest will be overturned.  Alex is a baller.  There is no water pit or barriers or course so he might find himself wondering whats going on, that being said he might decide to run really fast and show the field how an Olympian rolls.

Matt “the champ” Brunsting.  The wild card! A make or break potentially for the team.  He is like two face or snoop dog or snoop or snoop lion or snoop-a-loop, you never know whose going to come at you!  If Matt shows up expect a strong run from a solid Veteran. If the Champ shows up hold on to your hats ladies and gents he could blaze a new trail. 

Cleve “caballo Cleve-o” Thorson – Cleve has come back from his shack in the mountains, living off the land training as an ultra runner.  Bouncing back from his big Run for the Toad Victory to drop down a full marathon to sprint for the Alumni.  Lets hope his vegan, living off the land, free lifestyle has him sharp.  If nothing else he is tough as iron balls and consistent as a cats meow.  Sadly ladies hes off the market now.

Speed River

Chris “wiseman” Winter – He thought he was coming back to Guelph for a training block, but really we just needed him for the Vic Team.  Hes been ripping up to the west coast and looking like a beast.  He used to be a duck, but now in Guelph he’s a hawk swooping with skill and speed and going straight for the jugular.  Serious Threat!

Matt “juice box” Jurysta – the new kid in town for the river, running like a man now.  He is longer than a Mexican mile, but I think he wears a size 18 shoe,  if he can keep those canoes rolling watch out for his wheels in the last K kids.  RELEASE THE JUICE BOX!!!

Taylor “the man” Milne- full of Northern Ontario rage this man might take your soul then bake you a cake the next day.  He is firing on all cylinders and is undefeated through the first turn.  He will get out fast and close hard.  If youre not 400m ahead of him in the last 500m consider yourself threatened, hes go wheels!   Milne Milne Milne!

Terence “the Turantula” Attema – another new power house to the team, mathematically inclined, he might be our new wild Bill.  If you know who wild Bill is youd be scared. If you don’t youre missing out.  He has been in it with the big dawgs in big meets and can throw down with the best of them.  Front Pack man!

Logan Chappell & Dan Waters  “the pups”  pups because they are young but theyre ready to fight with the big dogs.  Out to prove a point and flex the gung these boys are our dark horses!

And Myself.  John Mason – Im fired up. I love cross country and cant get enough of it.  I am ready to tear this up and show the boys how a working man does.  Just excited to make the cut.

So those are the teams.  Its going to be a dog fight.  Get yourself to Guelph its going to be great!

Also great weekend of running ahead with Sunday featuring Scotiabank Marathon.  Planning to get down there and see my good friend Rob Watson smash another good marathon.

I’m Fired Up


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